Owned and operated by Broderick Nevision, Kowork London offers varied office space and work spaces including open desks, work stations, meeting areas, and an enclosed boardroom or classroom.  All areas available on daily, hourly or monthly plans along with other services including broadband Internet, high-speed Wi-Fi, photocopying, printing and multimedia equipment such as large screen touch display and projection. Our goal is to build a unique and flexible facility that engages professionals to connect, collaborate and ultimately grow their business. We provide for all your office needs in a modern well equipped open office environment.

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Shared Office Space Benefits

We are in an era where evermore, people are working as entrepreneurs, sole proprietors or as part of a remote workforce.  Regardless of which of the three scenarios apply to your situation, the same pitfalls can develop.  Some of the issues with working

Onespot Allergy – member since 2012

Via Reflections On Five Years In Allergy Safety Published by Onespot Allergy on April 2, 2014 Today is my two year anniversary at Kowork, a lovely co-working space in downtown London. When I arrived here two years ago, I was depleted in every way.

Neighbourhood Good Guide

KoWork London is centrally located in Downtown London at 352 Talbot Street and offers an alternative option to traditional working spaces. Providing a space where talented people can work amongst one another, KoWork allows for those in need of a