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Onespot Allergy – member since 2012

Via Reflections On Five Years In Allergy Safety Published by Onespot Allergy on April 2, 2014 Today is my two year anniversary at Kowork, a lovely co-working space in downtown London. When I arrived here two years ago, I was depleted in every way.


Neighbourhood Good Guide

KoWork London is centrally located in Downtown London at 352 Talbot Street and offers an alternative option to traditional working spaces. Providing a space where talented people can work amongst one another, KoWork allows for those in need of a


The Londoner – June 2011

Londoners are generating creative ideas for city By Joshua Freeman, Londoner Tuesday, June 21, 2011 3:40:31 EDT PM If a group of progressive thinkers have their way, there’ll be more discussions in the Forest City about the most innovative and interesting