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Via Reflections On Five Years In Allergy Safety
Published by Onespot Allergy on April 2, 2014

Today is my two year anniversary at Kowork, a lovely co-working space in downtown London. When I arrived here two years ago, I was depleted in every way. I was out of money as I had slowed down my law practice three years prior to focus on my passionate interest, which is allergy safety. I accomplished a lot in those three years by building this top ranking allergy blog with over 250,000 unique visitors per year, a wonderfully interactive Facebook group, and my trademark Best EpiPen Belts that my customers really appreciate. Nothing had worked out well financially though, and let’s face it, my previous six figure income from law is very hard to match. Read more →

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Neighbourhood Good Guide

KoWork London is centrally located in Downtown London at 352 Talbot Street and offers an alternative option to traditional working spaces.

Providing a space where talented people can work amongst one another, KoWork allows for those in need of a more flexible and/or affordable workspace to function in a professional setting.

Membership at KoWork London includes a lounge and cafe seating, wireless internet, beverages and snacks, member and networking events and discounted businesses services from its sister company, Corporate Imaging Centre.

Memberships are flexible to meet the varied needs of every person. From full-time use of the space to drop-in from time to time, the rates for using the space are flexible to fit your budget.


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The Londoner – June 2011

Londoners are generating creative ideas for city

By Joshua Freeman, Londoner

If a group of progressive thinkers have their way, there’ll be more discussions in the Forest City about the most innovative and interesting things happening here.

Last week a group of more than 30 business people, artists and other creative thinkers met for the inaugural “city symposium” hosted at Kowork London at 350 Talbot St.

Designed to draw on three broad communities – ­academic and business, arts and culture, and non-profit and social innovation – the event aims to bring together a diverse group monthly to share the best of what’s happening in the city.

“It (city symposium) curates the most interesting of those sectors of society and celebrates what different people are doing,” said James Shelley, who came up with the idea. “We tend to become silos sometimes in the particular areas of society that we resonate with the most.”

He cited himself as an example.

“I’m very much invested in the non-profit social innovation world,” said Shelley, a social worker with the Canadian Mental Health Association and a fitness instructor. “I’m ­personally not well connected with the arts and culture scene in London.”

But City Symposium would change that, connecting Shelley with others who could explain the most important arts events and happenings in the city.

Although the format is not set in stone, Shelley described it as something akin to a TED talk event, where innovative thinkers share their thoughts.

The idea is to have someone from each ‘pillar’ do a 15-minute presentation to inform the group, with time for questions at the end of each presentation. Those talks would then be followed by a social session where speakers and participants could build relationships and exchange ideas.

The first session held last week, was a brainstorming event to get feedback from possible participants in order to refine the concept and to discuss logistics.

“Everyone’s recognizing it would be a lot of work to pull off,” Shelley said. “We’re looking for a team of people who will be dedicated to making it happen in the first year.”

But even if the sessions themselves don’t produce any ‘hard results,’ Shelley said the process itself could be worthwhile.

“Even of nothing actually comes from it, the idea of getting a bunch of creative people in a room talking has inherent value in and of itself,” Shelley said.

To look out for the next session or to get involved, visit

Twitter: @JoshatLondoner

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