We are in an era where evermore, people are working as entrepreneurs, sole proprietors or as part of a remote workforce.  Regardless of which of the three scenarios apply to your situation, the same pitfalls can develop.  Some of the issues with working from home (according to our members) include the feeling of loneliness, isolation, boredom and distractions (TV, family, pets etc).    Others have indicated feeling unsafe when meeting clients or interviewing possible employees in their homes.  A shared office may be the answer to your woes.  Its much more affordable than a standalone office.  Month-to=Month plans start at only $99.  Goto Kowork.ca or call us 519-433-3366 for more details.

Humans are social creatures.  If we weren’t, the movie theatre industry would not be thriving.  Most movie content is now readily available online.  Kowork members cite the spontaneous conversations and cross business collaboration that develop as a significant benefit to working alongside likeminded people.

Drop in to Kowork.ca shared office space for a free day.  www.kowork.ca


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